Special Needs or Dietary Issues

StFX University Dining Services is committed to meeting the needs of students who require assistance to address medical challenges involving allergens. In partnership with each student who has allergies, we will work closely to ensure that all nutritional needs are being met while avoiding any allergens. Our staff are informed and trained to accommodate most known allergies. We are committed to working individually with students to provide any support, information or special products needed.

If you have any dietary needs due to medical reasons, please complete our Allergy Form. Once we receive your completed form, a member of our team will be in contact with you to set up a meeting to review your dietary needs, introduce you to our culinary staff, and tour our dining facilities. It is in your best interest to complete this form prior to arriving so we can prepare how to best accommodate your specific requirements.

Allergy Disclaimer

StFX University Dining Services understands that food allergies can be very serious. Every effort is made to instruct our staff regarding the potential severity of food allergies. It takes a mutual commitment from the student and the dining services team to minimize allergic reactions. Please be advised that our kitchens are not nut or allergen free so it is critical for students with allergies to make immediate contact so that we may ensure that their needs are met.

Please be aware that StFX University Dining Services has many self-service stations and, as such, makes no guarantee that food served from those stations will meet special dietary requirements. Guests with allergies or medical issues are responsible for ensuring that items selected from self-service stations meet their dietary needs. Dining Services employees are able to provide complete information on recipe ingredients and, if required, will provide items from the control of the kitchen.

Please see our website at or contact our the Director of Ancillary Services, Bob Hale at (902) 867-5125 for more information.