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Join us on March 2nd, 2018, to hear the words of steadfast activist and journalist Desmond Cole. Mr. Cole is the keynote speaker for this year's Youth Activism Conference-- a weekend exploring avenues to social change and activism.
In 2015, Cole wrote a piece entitled “The Skin I’m In” for Toronto Life about his experience of being routinely stopped by police because of racial profiling. In 2017, a documentary following Cole’s work entitled “The Skin We’re In” was released on CBC. Mr. Cole continuously tackles issues of racism in Canada, prominently discussing the practice of police carding and the Black Lives Matter movement. He uses his voice to speak out about racial injustice in Canada and encourages all Canadians to  recognize and fight to dismantle the systemic racism that exists within our own country.

The OceanPath Fellowship provides professional leadership training and support for graduating students to lead a community development project anywhere in the world.

The 12-month fellowship is for graduating students who have:

  • The capacity and potential to develop as effective change-agents;
  • A meaningful connection with a community of their choosing anywhere in the world
  • An innovative idea of how this community could be strengthened

Successful candidates will receive up to $25,000 in funding

Apply today!