Post RN BScN (Distance Nursing)

Welcome to Distance Nursing Studies at St. Francis Xavier University!

We are delighted that you have chosen St. Francis Xavier University as the provider of your undergraduate nursing education! StFX not only offers exceptional educational opportunities but also a unique sense of family among students and the institution.

The successful pursuit of professional education challenges motivation, self-discipline, and ability to make long-range plans. Carefully assess this challenge in relation to your other responsibilities and career goals. The rewards of formal study in terms of both personal and professional development are great. However, St. Francis Xavier University recognizes that returning to school is not an easy decision.

You have made a significant decision which will have a tremendous impact on both your personal and professional lives. While the pursuit of a university education is challenging, it is also an incredibly rewarding experience.

Like all families, we are committed to helping each other as much as possible. You will learn, as you read through this manual, about the networks of resources that have been established to promote your development and success. You will also learn about the many forms of assistance available to you as you progress through your program of study.

As a program unit, we are committed to student-centred education in a social environment that respects the value and worth of each individual. Generating a challenging and fulfilling learning experience is our central role in your educational experience.

The StFX distance education model has been nationally recognized as meeting the highest standards. Our Distance Nursing Programs were presented with an Award of Excellence for Instructional Design and an Award of Excellence for Student Support Services in 1996-97 from the Canadian Association for Distance Education. While national awards are always gratifying, the success of our students provides the real reward. It is witnessing the growth and sharing celebrations along the way that illustrate the value of this program in the lives of students.

In application to an earlier cycle, a prospective student wrote:

"I receive great satisfaction from my job and I believe that advancing my education would benefit myself, my patients, and my fellow staff members. Like many other nurses, I have a desire to learn and study and take on challenges, but my situation (family, work, financial obligations) is a real barrier to the pursuit of these goals. A home-based program of study would be a great opportunity for me."

If you share these feelings, the University warmly encourages you to apply!

If you need to learn a little more about us first, take a look at our brochure, then you might be ready to register!

Why Take This Program?

  • Earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in a program specially for post RN learners, and built around part-time study at home and workplace.
  • Combine career and education with minimal disruption to work and family schedules.
  • Participate in a Distance Education schedule that is sensitive to the experience, expectations, and learning needs of adult students.
  • Prepare yourself professionally for increasingly complex health care and nursing practice.

Program Contacts


Michelle Boucher, Coordinator, Distance Nursing Programs 
Donna MacLellan, Administrative Assistant, Distance Nursing Programs