INDS Course Writers

Foundations of Disability and Caregiving
Pamela Cushing, PhD, is an Asst. Professor, King’s University College, UWO in the Sociology Dept & Social Justice & Peace Studies. Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, SSHRC, University of Aberdeen, Scotland & Camphill - Steiner Schools. Pamela is Founding Director, Intercordia; is an On-going Strategic Consultant to assess strategic research needs, design and execute market ethnographies and reports for various private and non-profit clients; she has written chapters for three books, numerous refereed articles and proceedings, conference papers, and consulting reports in the field of developmental disability.
Relationships, Advocacy and Vision
Anne Escrader, PhD, Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario, (Core focus: Educational Psychology and Special Education). In 2001 Anne received the W.A. Townshend Gold Medal Award in Education. For four years, Anne was a Research Assistant and Instructor at the Centre for Assistive Technology (C.A.T.), organizing training and workshops for assistants and working one to one with students who have learning disabilities, in an inclusive setting, using a computer-assisted writing process model of instruction. Until 2001 she was a research assistant and teaching assistant with the Centre for Communicative and Cognitive Disabilities, (now the Centre for Inclusive Education).
Human Development
John Sumarah,PhD, is Professor of Education and Counselling in the Faculty of Professional Studies at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto and has been teaching and researching at Acadia University for the past 24 years. He has published five books and numerous articles on Jean Vanier and the L’Arche movement. He has also published in the area of counselling and ethics. He has delivered dozens of workshops in the area of human services related to work with persons with mental disabilities, his interest for the past 30 years. He has worked in France, India and Canada serving in a number of roles including Director of Agencies, Consulting Psychologist and Board Member for groups working with persons with mental challenges. He has served on numerous University, Community and Provincial Committees. His Biography is listed in Canadian Who’s Who.
Building Community
Michael Hryniuk, PhD, founder of Theosis Ministries, has a strong background of formation work in l’Arche that included three years as an assistant and two years as assistant director of l’Arche Winnipeg. Michael has a background in the practice of care in l’Arche but also of human care in a number of other Christian communities and social service settings including hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, treatment centres and correctional facilities. His focus over the last five years has been in developing curriculum for the pastoral care of youth in the context of theYouth Ministry and Spirituality Project.
Deborah Leuschner, is a Councillor in the Service Learning Program at StFX University and a former member of faculty at the Nova Scotia Community College teaching the Educational Assistant Program. She has a Masters Degree in Education (Counselling) from Acadia University. She has been involved with L’Arche for 37 years in France, Cote d’Ivoire and Canada serving in a number of roles including program coordinator, homes coordinator, regional coordinator, counselling support, and family out reach coordinator. She has a special interest in supporting children who are disabled and supporting families who have a disabled member. She has been involved in a number of projects within L’Arche including the first renewal for core members (Toronto 1981) and the first prayer partners’ retreats.