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Co-op placements have helped me become more well-rounded both as a person and as a professional.

I was initially attracted to the co-op program, because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after my degree and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. The personal growth I’ve experienced has been incredible. The self-confidence, in itself, is the biggest thing, and the professional skills, even being comfortable to provide my opinion on a subject, I feel like that’s been a huge gain through the co-op experience. 

Starting in May 2016, I have worked with the CACL in Antigonish as a community employment assistant; with Sodexo at StFX as a marketing supervisor; with Health Canada in Ottawa as a research assistant in the Bureau of Nutritional Sciences; and as the campaign and events assistant with St. Martha’s Hospital Foundation in Antigonish. The placements have helped me become more well-rounded both as a person and as a professional, and the experience with Health Canada, in particular, has given me the confidence to enroll in the honours program at StFX. Through my work terms, I have gotten a taste of a lot of different aspects of professional life, from working as part of a team to strengthening my communication and interpersonal skills. I have also gained skills in marketing, research, not-for-profits and in fundraising.

My advice to anyone considering the co-op program is to go in with an open mind, be flexible, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s ultimately how you grow

Mike Keough,

BSc Human Nutrition Hons. 2017 ( Co-op)