Prior Work Experience Challenge

Challenging a Prior Work Experience as a Co-op Work Term

NOTE: Undergraduate students enrolled in the co-op program who have completed COOP 110 are not eligible to challenge a prior work experience as co-op. 

The StFX Co-operative Education program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to challenge prior work experience as part of their Co-operative education experience. The following information is intended to explain how to receive credit for work experience completed prior to entering your StFX Co-op program.  Challenging a Prior Work Experience is not available for students enrolled in the Masters Co-op program


Work Experience Requirements

When considering whether or not to challenge prior work experience as a co-op work term, consider if your prior work experience meets the following requirements.

  • The work paid a minimum $12.00/hr
  • The work was supervised
  • The work helped you establish and achieve your career goals
  • The work lasted for a minimum of 13 consecutive weeks (full-time employment, minimum 35 hrs/wk)
  • The work was relevant to your academic program
  • The work experience must have occurred within the last two years and before the date, the student was accepted into the Co-op Program.


Students beginning the StFX Co-op program in the fall must submit the following documents by October 15th. 

  1. Evidence employment. Include a signed letter from the employer indicating start/end date, hours per week, salary, and job title. 
  2. A detailed job description that outlines the duties of the position.
  3. Supervisor contact information. A co-op staff member will contact your supervisor to solicit feedback on your performance during your work period of employment
  4. Five Learning Objectives
  5. Reflective Essay
  6. Student Performance Evaluation (End of Work) 
  7. E-Portfolio  Assignment (asked the Co-op Office for the document)