Apply to Co-op

The Co-op Program will notify students by email when application is received.  If you do not receive an email, we did not receive your application. Please read the following information before completing the Co-op Application form. Read section 9.12 in the StFX Academic Calendar for information regarding program requirements.

Academic Requirements

A minimum overall first year average of 65% is required for students joining the program in their second year. A minimum overall average of 70% in the second and subsequent years is required for students who join and remain in the program.


  1. Co-op work term opportunities in Antigonish are limited to non-existent. Please consider your ability/willingness to relocate for co-op work terms as you apply to the program.
  2. Depending on the economy and the types of employers in your "home town/city", co-op opportunites may also be limited. If you are unwilling to relocate, co-op education may not be a good fit for you.
  3. Students who have narrowed their work term options to specific industries and/or jobs will find it difficult to secure a work term.  For example, professional sports teams traditionally have not offered paid co-op work terms. If you are unwilling to explore other industries or jobs, co-op education may not be a good fit for you. 
  4. Unpaid internships will not be considered as co-op work terms.
  5. Students are strongly encouraged to ulitize the resources of the co-op team  while also conducting a self-directed job search. 

Application Deadline 

If a student misses the deadline to submit an application, s/he will have to wait until the next intake date. NOTE: We will have only one intake in 2018-2019. Deadline to apply to the program is Monday, October 1, 2018.

Professional Development Seminar Schedule 2018-2019

COOP 110 October 13, 2018
COOP 120 October 27, 2018
COOP 130 November 3, 2018
Please note: Students must complete COOP 110, 120 and 130 in the semester they were accepted into the Co-op program. Prior to applying to the program, please look at the seminar schedule in the above table and adjust your schedule so that you can complete the seminars. 
Let co-op help you get the best possible return on your academic investment.
As with all co-op programs in Canada, StFX has established fees which are comparable to other post secondary institutions offering co-op education. Co-op fees help the University to recover a portion of the cost of maintaining and promoting co-op programs. Administrative costs include salaries, travel expenses, telephone charges and the printing and mailing of résumés and promotional materials.
To ease payments for you and your family, installments have been divided to coincide with certain co-op activities as indicated in the chart below. 


The Co-op Program costs $3300. Co-op Programs across Canada will set up their fee schedule differently. At StFX our primary reason for setting fees as a "pay as you go" system was to spread co-op fees over a period of time as students complete the various program components. Students should not place the "dollar value" as it relates to seminars or work terms. 

COOP 110 (Seminar) $600
COOP 120 (Seminar) $600
COOP 130 (Seminar) $600
COOP 401 (Work Term 1) $500
COOP 402 (Work Term 2) $500
COOP 403 (Work Term 3) $500
COOP 404 (Work Term 4) $0
COOP 405 (3 credit course) $0