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People just love to talk about the Catholic Church...

The problem is, sometimes they don't know enough about it. 

You don't have to be like that. Catholic Studies courses are for anybody who wants to have an informed, adult-level understanding of the Catholic Church's beliefs, traditions, and contributions to contemporary culture. They aren't just for Catholics.

Roman Catholicism is a religion rich in history, theology, artistic culture, and philosophy, and it has played a central role in the development of Western civilization. The academic study of this religion requires the use of several academic disciplines which together form a major part of what is called the liberal arts. Taking courses in Catholic Studies can provide a student with an excellent education in the liberal arts.

The Program in Catholic Studies at St.FX was developed in an effort to bring together the many departments and individual professors whose teaching and research bear on the Catholic traditions. It is also a reflection of St.FX's Strategic Plan and the distinctive Catholic traditions of the University.

So what can you do with a degree in Catholic Studies anyway? For one student's answer, click here.

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