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Student Jobs in Biology

Greetings to all students!


This is the second of two calls for student demonstrators to assist in delivery of select biology labs.  There are many advantages to be an undergraduate demonstrator - reinforcement of previously learned material, experience in teaching, and of course, a small stipend. This upcoming term, we have demonstrator positions available (subject to course enrollments and budget) in the following courses:


Bio112, Bio201, Bio204, BIO215, A&P (Bio152, Bio252, & HKin152), and Bio335.


I have included a link to the application form at the bottom of this introduction. To be eligible to demonstrate you must have previously taken the course (or equivalent) and have done reasonable well. An interest in the material and in assisting your fellow students is also a requirement for demonstrating. Please be aware that there is a lot of competition for many of these positions, so it is in your best interest when applying to apply for as many courses as you are eligible to demonstrate.


If hired, you will be assigned a lab to attend based on your preferences and availability as specified in your application.  You will also be required to attend a weekly lab demonstrator meeting held by the instructor.  The exact weeks you will work in the lab (typically between 7-10 weeks) and the distribution of your weekly hours (typically 3hrs/week) will depend on the needs of the course to which you get assigned. Your assigned lab instructor(s) will coordinate this with you before the start of labs.


As part of the mandatory conditions of the demonstrator position, you are required to partake in a one-hour safety seminar.  The time and location of this term's seminar is to be determined but will occur in the first week of classes in January. 


All new demonstrators (those that did not work as a demonstrator this fall) MUST attend the seminar, even if you've done it in previous years. There are NO exceptions! Payroll information and forms will also be filled out at this seminar (so in other words if you don't show you won't get paid). Missing the seminar because you have not yet returned from holidays may result in termination of your position.


Applications are due by: noon on Wednesday November 30th

Link to the application: