Ocean Literacy Outreach

X-Oceans outreach provides hands-on activities and workshops to promote ocean sciences, preservation and marine biodiversity to schools, summer camps and youth organizations. Our goal is to enhance oceans literacy and ocean stewardship to youth grades K-12.

Le programme de sensibilisation X-Oceans fournit des activités et des ateliers afin de promouvoir les sciences océaniques, la biodiversité et la préservation des océans. Notre but est d'améliorer l'alphabétisation et l'intendance océanique des jeunes de la M-12 année.


 Check out our new video:
The Wonders of Biodiversity: Science Literacy 2020




Sarah Silver Slater, Ella Maltby and Matthew Freeman promoting Science Literacy week at the Antigonish Library








Kris Hunter from the Atlantic Salmon Federation




Our first X-Oceans camp!
More camps coming soon.

Learning about sea star anatomy.


Making slime and learning about marine animals that produce slime too.


Learning about the role of the ocean in the climate system... and making some clouds of our own.


Exploring the marine touch-tank!


Learning about sea urchins and tube feet.






science literacy week stfx biology

Biology students Emilie Knighton and Ella Maltby promoting ocean literacy during the
Science Literacy Week science camp organized by X-Chem outreach in partnership
with X-Oceans outreach (September 2019).


Science literacy week X-Oceans and X-Chem

Learning about the anatomy and behaviours of decorator crabs, sea urchins and sea
stars during Science Literacy week 2019.




Join us each June at the STFX Biology department for our World Oceans Day celebration! 

world oceans day stfx X-Oceans

World Oceans Day is a global ocean celebration that promotes Ocean awareness through exploration, education, conservation, initiatives and beach clean-ups around the world.


blue lobster StFX biology X-Oceans

Our resident Mr. Blue



Jellyfish from Bras d'Or Lake


White-spotted rose sea anemone


The elusive sea mouse


The morning sunstar


Jessica Swinkels (Animal Care Technician) and Jennifer Vandenheuvel (Senior Animal Care
Technician) are the VIPs who look after the Animal Care Facilities of the Biology Dept.