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499 Directed Study, by Proposal

435 Seminar in Italian Renaissance Art

499 Directed Study, by proposal


435 Seminar in Italian Renaissance Art

Woodblock portrait of
Michelangelo, in
Giorgio Vasari
The Lives, 1568
Gentile Bellini
Procession in Piazza San Marco, 1496
The Transfiguration

This course is an intensive investigation into an aspect of Italian Renaissance art. Topics may include, among others: Michelangelo and his biographers; Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Artists; Raphael in Rome; Renaissance art in Venice; Italian Mannerism (please check the Art Department webpage to see which topic is offered). Students will learn to use and assess important primary sources from the Renaissance period, and will also examine the secondary scholarly literature in some depth.
3 Credits
Prerequisite:371 Italian Renaissance Art I, 372 Northern Renaissance Art, 373 Italian Renaissance Art II, or permission of instructor

Instructor:N/A Not offered 2019/20

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499 Directed Study

Directed Study permits students of exceptional ability and motivation to pursue, on a tutorial basis, an individualized program of study.
3 or 6 Credits
See Section 3.5 of the Academic Calendar


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