Colour with a "U" exhibition, 103, Bloomfield - reopens January 27, 2021

A juried exhibition of art quilts by Canadian members of Studio Art Quilt Associates
103, Bloomfield
January 27 – February 27, 2021

In Canada, we spell colour with a “u”. We also spell labour, favourite, honour, and neighbour with a “u”. That “u” could stand for unique, unforgettable, universal, unity, understanding, utopia. It could include the unusual, unexpected, unbound, unabashed, unaccounted, uncanny. We care about the “u”; it makes us unique. We care about the “you”; it brings us together. What do the Canadian values of diversity and inclusion mean to you? How does your labour in your favourite medium honour your neighbourhood, your community? How do you colour yourself in to our Canadian culture?

The thirty-three artists in this juried nationally touring exhibition have reflected on the theme of diversity and inclusion to give “colourful” representations of our Canadian cultural identity. Each offers an individual perspective on how we as Canadians see ourselves in our social, historical and physical landscape.



Faith Hieblinger, Guest Curator, Homer Watson House & Gallery
Alan Syliboy, Mi’kmaq Artist
Jayne Willoughby, Textile Artist


Susan  Avishai

Mary  Pal

Hélène  Blanchet

Mical  Pearlman

Wilma  Brock

Dawn  Piasta

Linda  Campbell

June  Robertson

Victoria  Carley

Lorraine  Roy

Heather  Dubreuil

Helena  Scheffer

Kristi  Farrier

Janet  Scruggs

Linda  Finley

Rosalind  Sims

Ihor  Gawdan

Anne  Solomon

Mita  Giacomini

Arja  Speelman

Victoria  Gray

Andrea  Tsang Jackson

Greta  Hildebrand

Linda  Van Gastel

June  Horwich

Maggie  Vanderweit

Joan  Kilpatrick

Kit  Vincent

Chris  Liszak

Valerie  Wilson

Fuzzy  Mall

Krista  Zeghers

Regina  Marzlin


SAQA is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art quilt and the artists who create them. Founded in 1989 with 34 members, SAQA has grown into a dynamic community of over 3,700 artists, curators, collectors and art professionals located around the world.

SAQA defines an art quilt as “a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.”

103 Bloomfield
Oct. 9 - Dec. 12, 2020
Jan. 27 - Feb. 27, 2021

Wed. 1 - 6 pm
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Sat. 12 - 4 pm

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