Official Program Response

The Deadline Has Now Passed

Submitting To The Official Program Response Email Box
Each department is invited to collaborate and submit an official response for its programs. The official program responses will be collected and presented in a public response document that will accompany the report online. Submission of an official response is optional.

Please note that there can only be one official program response per program. 
In some areas, particularly in academic departments, it may be more appropriate to provide a combined response for all programs.

What to include? 
You may wish to highlight:
1) New information that has emerged since your submission. 
2) Information from your original submission that you feel may have been overlooked or misunderstood.
3) If appropriate or possible, information about your plans moving forward.

This response is meant to focus on the program's results; more general feedback about the process or the results for other programs will be received through the online feedback form.

Is this an opportunity to change my program’s placement?
The report of the Task Force stands; placements will not change based on the response submissions. The submissions will be complied and published as a response document and the information from the responses will be used moving forward to help inform decision-making.

Institutional Data
We ask that programs NOT contact the Registrar or other offices requesting institutional data. If there is additional data that you think would be helpful to understanding your program's work moving forward, please describe it in your response. For your reference, the academic program data tables that were used in the original submissions are available here.

Submitting a response
Collaboration is encouraged within the department when preparing the response; however, only Academic Chairs and Academic Support and Administrative Program Approvers are asked to submit the official program response. This is to ensure that each department’s response is easily recognized as the official program response.

One program response per program (or department)
Responses should be no more than 1,000 words in length, submitted in PDF format
Responses are to be emailed to:
Please include the Department and specific program in the subject line:
<DEPARTMENT – PROGRAM NAME> Official Program Response

(e.g. Communications – Media Relations Official Program Response,
or Physics - All Programs Offical Response)

Role of ASAP approvers: We ask that the approvers for ASAP programs collaborate with the various people in their areas to coordinate preparing responses. For clarity at our end, we've asked the approvers to submit the report through email; however, we expect that most ASAP responses will be crafted by and with the people who authored the submissions.

Questions: Please contact Gina Sampson, or x5072


Deadline for response submissions is Friday, October 31, 2014, 4:00 pm AST