When should I see an Academic Advisor?

There are two things to do before you meet with an advisor: 

  1. All students should read chapter 3 and the chapter for their faculty and the relevant sections of chapter 9.
  2. If you know what subject in which you would like to major, you should speak with the department chair of that department.

Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor if:

  • you have already met with the Chair of your department and still have questions or concerns regarding your program options;
  • you have read the academic calendar and you still have questions;
  • you are having academic difficulty and would like to discuss options.

What does an Academic Advisor do?

  • Assists students with understanding the academic regulations and references in the academic calendar as it pertains to their degree;
  • Assists with questions about declaring a major, advanced major, honours, etc;
  • Discusses Letter of Permission options to take courses at another institution;
  • Assists students who are having academic difficulty:
    • Make recommendations as to how to be more successful, academically;
    • Speak to the Dean of the student’s faculty regarding specific exceptions (ie:  dropping a course after the drop deadline);
  • Acts as a liaison between Deans and the student regarding various issues;
  • Performs a degree audit to ensure degree compliance for graduation;
  • Recommends the services of other offices on campus (ie:  Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Student Career Centre, Health and Counseling, Writing Centre, Non-academic Advisors, etc).