How do I declare my major?

Please know that the deadline to declare your major is not a firm deadline.  During this time of uncertainty, we are working on a process that is efficient and accessible by all. We hope to have more information in the near future.  In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email your Dean's office or .

To declare your major, or to apply for an advanced major or honours program, you must complete a declaration form.  The forms are available online at the following links, on the website of your faculty's dean.  

  • Faculty of Artsdeclaration forms
  • Faculty of Businessdeclaration forms  (Pattern worksheets can be found on our FAQ page)
  • Faculty of Science (includes all Human Kinetics)declaration forms
  • BASC:  forms can be found under both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science websites indicated above as well as in moodle.

First-year students in the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees are strongly encouraged to declare their major by the end of March if they have decided on their major subject. 

Second-year students are required to declare their majors by the end of March. 

  • Students in the BSc in Nursing and the BSc in Human Nutrition are not required to do so unless they intend to apply for an advanced major or honours degree option. 
  • Students in the Diploma in Engineering do not declare a major.


  1. Read the Academic Calendar:  The relevant chapter for your faculty outlines the various degrees available (for example, major, advanced major, honours).  Chapter 4 is Faculty of Arts; Chapter 5 is Faculty of Business; Chapter 7 is Faculty of Science. Chapter 9 is sectioned alphabetically by departments and programs. Read your faculty chapter, and consult the relevant section(s) of Chapter 9 for course requirements for your intended program, major, and minor (where applicable).
  2. Print the declaration form, and your grade report from mesAMIS:  Declaration forms are found at the links above.
  3. Fill out the declaration form:  List the courses you have already completed, those in which you are currently registered, and those that you plan to complete in future years.  Ensure that your proposed courses fulfill the various requirements for your degree, including all requirements for relevant major(s) or minor (where applicable), and any concentrations that you wish to pursue (where applicable).
  4. Make an appointment with the department chair/faculty advisor:  The chair or coordinator (or a designated faculty advisor) of your intended major or honours subject(s) will need to approve your declaration form.  You can ask questions about your program and about your proposed course list when you meet with that faculty member.
  5. A list of department chairs can be found here.  This information can also be accessed through the Registrar's Office site.
  6. Submit the declaration form:  Declaration forms that have been approved by the department chair (or designate) are then to be submitted to the appropriate Dean’s Office for final approval.  In some departments, the chair will retain the forms and send them to the Dean's Office on your behalf.  In other cases, the chair will give you the form after approving it, and it is your responsibility to submit that form to your Dean's Office.

You must be prepared and have the declaration form completed prior to meeting with the department representative.  Be sure to complete this official form in INK.